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Babbot: The Life Of A Busy Frenchie (Ykha Amelz)


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ISBN                       978-602-430-521-5
Berat                      400 Gram
Dimensi                 (P/L/T)  11 Cm / 18 Cm/ 0 Cm
Halaman               112
Jenis Cover           Hard Cover

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Hey guys, I’m Babbot!

Can’t talk too much coz I’m busy.

So here’s the deal… A lady editorcame to me about making a book. At first I thought I won’t have time but I guess I can squeeze in an hour or two, coz the book is about ME—duh!

So this book contains the story of my busy life, dealing with work, humans, other dogs, t-rex, etc.

Some of you may relate to my stories, some of you may think it’s ironic, but I just want all of you to relax a bit from your own busy life and try to laugh at yourselves. Breathe.

You are reading a book about a dog claiming to be busy.

Don’t take life too seriously.

Except when it comes to food. Always be serious about food.

PS: Hope this leads to a movie deal LOL

Tentang Ykha Amelz

Ykha, short from her full name Yfana Khadija Amelz, has been busy as a freelance illustrator since 2008. She fell in love with drawing since she was 3 years old and hasn’t stopped pursuing her dream job until now. Her work can be seen in her collaboration with various brands on the various department, fashion, music, interior design, print media, and also actively participating in exhibitions. In 2014 she challenged herself by doing a fashion label named DIBBA (@dibbaofficial) with her partner, creating stories through every print of the collection.

In the middle of juggling all that work, she’d found the ultimate joy in doodling Babbot, her loving and loyal french bulldog.

Check out her life through Instagram: @ykhaamelz, @babbot_, and @botzilla_


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